Dr. Biswas good health Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Biswas good health Pvt. Ltd.

Dr.Asim Biswas is the founder and chairperson of Doctor Biswas Medicare Company, a leading manufacturing firm in Ayurvedic and natural healthcare, cosmetic and personal care products in India. 

Healthy Lives on Heavenly Earth is a dream World of our Quixotic founder Dr. Ashim Biswas. His vision of spreading awareness on Health and Wellbeing has always charged every heart working in / for Doctor Biswas Medicare. We are lucky to have such a Devine Soul among ourselves as our Mentor.


Popular product's

  • Good health capsule.
  • Ever health capsule.
  • Walk fast capsule.
  • Extra time capsule.
  • Good health tonic.
  • Ever health tonic.


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